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Sky Lift

We manufacture high grade Elevated Work Platform (Sky lift) which is used for maintaining electrical fittings at the elevated height. It is fabricated on 4 - wheel trolley which can tow by jeep or tractor. It can also be assembled on truck when fast movement is required. It comprises of an upper boom and a lower boom which is lowered and lifted by hydraulic cylinders. A high quality cage made out of the FRP which is insulated for 600 V is fitted at the top end of the upper boom. The boom assembly can rotate by 360°by hydraulic motor to enable the electrician to position himself accurately. Further, it consists of two out riggers which protrude on both sides of the trolley or truck that ensures stability. A separate diesel engine is provided to power hydraulic system for Trolley Mounted Sky Lift whereas for Truck Mounted Sky Lift power is taken using PTO of the gear box. Manually operated direction control valves are mounted on block located on rotating support according to operator’s choice. We offer Twin Control also, one on platform and other on Cage. For Emergency, Manually Operated Hand Pump is also provided to bring the cage and Out Riggers to parking position. Other Information: Item Code: QEECMSL-11-13M 

Easy to operate 
Long working life 
Minimum maintenance 
Man Saftey