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GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The QEESCOOP-0.05LCM -is a Trailer Mounted, mobile, Equipment Capable of De-Silting open Nallas and Storm Water Canals of a maximum width of 3 meters and depths of about 1.5 meters from the ground level. The equipment is ideally suited for operating on both main roads, and narrow, restricted lanes of large / medium size cities and smaller towns alike. Mounted on a compact suitably designed Vehicle chassis mounted, the QEESCOOP-0.05LCM is capable of removing silt and solid materials from open, dry or flowing Nallas by a hydraulically operated bucket and boom arrangement. The scooped out silt / debris is offloaded directly the ground/ tipping hopper. The QEESCOOP -0.05LCM has the following main components: a) Hydraulically operated de-silting equipment, b) Controls, and Hydraulic Power Transmission System and Drive Constructional,