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Industrial Camera

CCTV Surveillance System Available with us is a wide range of CCTV Surveillance System which is important while delivering highly professional security services. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems that we offer are used for remote surveillance that helps our clients in monitoring the work premises. Some of the equipment and instruments that we have been delivering under these systems are: 1.CCTV Cameras & Lenses - Color & B/W Cameras - IP cameras - Integrated PTZ&F - Endoscopic Cameras - Wireless Cameras - Micro Color Cameras - Night Vision Cameras - Pipe Inspection Cameras - Dome Cameras, Button Cameras - Special Cameras - Lenses Manual Iris - Auto Iris - Motorized Zoom lenses 2.Recorders & Multiplexers - Digital Video recorders ( PC & Stand alone based) - IP based recorders - Audio/ Video Sequencers - Matrix Switchers - Quad Splitter Units 3.Monitors - Video Monitors - TFT - Plasma TVs - Transmission of up to 384 cameras on 8 co- axial cables - ID Code Control for Pan - Tilt, Zoom, Focus on the Same Coaxial, Explosion proof Housings All these equipment and instruments are procured from reliable vendors across the globe such as: 1.HONEYWELL, USA 2.HI-SHARP, Taiwan 3.CS LILIN, Taiwan 4.HANSE, Korea 5.SECURA, U.S.A. 6.SANYO, Japan 7.AVTECH, Taiwan 8.SAMSUNG TECHWIN, Korea 9.MOLYNX, U.K. 10.PELCO, USA